Website design on a budget

We were recently approached by a customer who had already purchased a domain name and hosting package but were in need of a website to be designed. We were provided with a short brief of requirements the website must have:

# Home page with basic information explaining services
# Contact page with built in contact form
# An instant quote form for customers to get an quick idea of cost
# Responsive web design so that the website displays on all platforms
# Website design cost must not exceed £200

Cheap website design

To keep the budget below £200 there was going to be 2 main issues.

  1. We needed images for the website and the budget clearly doesn’t allow for a professional photographer. Stock images are still fairly pricey at £25-40 each so we tried our luck with Pexel. It’s a brilliant website offering royalty free stock images but usually not the first port of call if you’re after a niche image. We got lucky on this occasion though and found two that we could use, free of charge.
  2. The next step was the hardest one. The customer wanted a feature on the website that would give customers an instant quote. This is a fairly straightforward bit of coding but it does take time, which means it costs money! We decided to try a few free resource coding websites to see if you could find something we could use. After sifting through all the code we hit gold on Snipplr. Although not entirely what we needed, it only took 10 minutes to alter the code enough to use it for the purpose we needed.

website design on a budget

The other elements of the design brief are fairly obvious. All our web design projects are built to be responsive, every website should come with a homepage and contact page as standard anyway. The most satisfying aspect of this project was the customers reaction when we come in well under budget at just £150!

Have a look at the final outcome to see what we can create when the customer requires cheap web design. Blandford Minibus Hire