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Website Design

We are a Blandford Website Design company who have developed a website design process that has been perfected over many years. Furthermore, years of experience have taught us a unique customer driven style that accelerates the whole process.

With our specialist field being in search engine optimisation, we are able to create a website that not only looks good, it performs well too. After all, whats the point in having a stunning website if nobody can find it?

We look at website design the same way we look at a relationship. Its that first visual appearance that attracts you, but its whats beneath the surface that keeps you there.

Website design must have a simple structure, making sure all pages and information are easy to find with easy navigation.

The layout of each page must be easy to read, making sure all key information is presented clearly and that the page isn’t overcrowded. This aspect is just as important as picking the right colours, fonts and layouts.

At Coordinated Design we’ve established a proven design process that delivers a website that performs to its full potential.

This begins with research on the target market and clarification of the key goals of the site.

Once all details have been discussed we can then move forward and design a draft to show our vision for the site. This gives you a clear view of the direction we’re heading in and presents an opportunity for discussion and feedback.

The final draft is then developed into a full website design. More feedback can be collated, changes made, and the design then signed-off.

Support is ongoing. Our website management packages let you focus on running your business whilst we look after your website.

Blandford Website Design

Being a Blandford Website Design company we aim to serve the local community. It is a massive advantage having a local web design company on your doorstep, the project becomes more hands on and personal.

There is faster communication between website design company and your business. No fears about some dodgy web design company who will provide a substandard service and then disappear when problems arise. Being local means reputation matters, word of mouth is one of he best forms of advertising. Networking also plays a part, being a Blandford Website Design company we can point potential customers we have worked with in your direction.

To complete the Blandford connection, we also offer payment plans to local businesses.

Web Design Prices

Putting a price on a website is almost impossible. All web design projects are individual, some customers just need a ‘here i am’ website, others need a website that will rank high in google. Customers might have photos they wish to use, you may need a professional photographer or be happy to pay for stock images.

Every web design project is unique but we have tried to provide a rough guide to pricing below. Depending on your needs you may find your project may be much cheaper, the prices below are an average so that customers can gauge an idea.


Web Design

All our websites are designed to be both visually appealing and seo friendly.

All website packages include the following services as standard.

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • 1 Years Domain Name & Hosting
  • Anti Spam & Virus Protection

Mini Website: £480 1-4 pages (prices from)

Basic Website: £680 5-8 pages (prices from)

Standard Website: £850 9+ pages (prices from)

E-Commerce: £1500 (prices from)

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