Choosing the right keyword

In our view there are at least 3 things you should consider before choosing the right keyword.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the word you want to rank for in Google, its the search term people will use when they are searching for something on Google. For example; if you’re a web design agency like ourselves, one of your keywords would be web design.

Choose a keyword that is likely to be used to search for your website.

Choosing the right keyword is of up-most importance, its also important not to be caught up on one search term, you need many. You also need to be creative. Many ‘high value’ keywords will be hard to rank for, you have huge corporations and brands paying big money for website management packages that ensure they are top ranked on Google for their chosen keywords.

It is good practice to involve family and friends for a little keyword research. Lets say you have an E-commerce website selling mobile phone cases, ask family and friends what they would type into Google to find a mobile phone case. Some might go for the obvious “mobile phone cases”, others may say “pink iPhone case”.

It good to get a lot of opinions and make an informed opinion from your results. Its about trying to learn the search behaviour of people.

Google your chosen keyword

You need to know that your chosen keyword is actually relevant. Type your keyword(s) into Google and see what it returns.

Are the search results showing what you’d expect?, Will people find your product/website based on the chosen keyword? Are you competing against any major brands?Will your website fit in alongside these other websites?

Its important to have a look at the first 2 pages of google to gauge the articles Google is showing. If your website will look out of place or you find yourself battling the big brands, start again, move some words around. Get creative!

It is also worth noting that the world of Search Engine Optimisation has changed a lot since the Google Penguin update. Google will now punish websites that are obviously chasing a specific keyword. Gone are the days where you could use the word ‘Rolex’ 1000 times if you’re selling watches. All the talk in the world of SEO has always been about Keywords, i think our mindsets need changing, its now all about Key-phrases.


Choosing your Keyword or phrase is not easy, there is no longer an exact science behind it. Try to aim for search terms you expect your targeted audience to use. Do your research. Be creative and know your audience.